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My brother Ben has cerebral palsy which affects the right side of his body. When he was little, doctors told him that he would never be able to do what other kids do. He never accepted the phrase “You can’t.” This always pushed him to work hard and succeed.


Seeing that drive and determination in him always inspired me. In 2020, I discovered a love for baking. I began baking treats and cakes for family and friends and even had friends come over to help me. This quickly turned into people asking to buy some of my creations. There was always one constant during all this, and that was my brother Ben who was my “baker assistant”. Even though he would help me, I think he would do it just to wait for all the extra sweets! 


The inspiration I have for my brother and my enjoyment of baking was the catalyst for my desire to help others who have challenges with movement find joy in baking.

Let's all work together to make the World, A Sweeter Place!

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